How Netflix Could Have Used SPEC OPS Principles

The saga of netflix has been marked by strategic missteps and minefields that could have been avoided.  The NYT has done a great job detailing the demise of netflix in its pricing and business strategy mistakes (

 Here is a quick list of how military SPEC OPS planning and execution principles could have helped Netflix successd in its pricing and business strategy:

•Commander’s Intent – What Was CEO Richard’s Goal for the Price Increase & Separating DVD Rentals from Streaming Video?  What Was He Trying to Achieve?  How Well Was it Communicated?
•War Game – How Well Did Netflix Walk Through Customer, Competitors, Content Providers, Board Members, New Customers, Actions and Reactions to Their Decisions?
•Reconnaissance – How Well Was Netflix Paying Attention to Customer Concerns on Pricing, Content Provider Margins, and Competitor Price Strategies?

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