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Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career

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Military Special Operations (SPEC OPS) provides a wide range of simple, understandable, and easily translatable skill sets that make an immediate and lasting impact on business success and career advancement. SPEC OPS forces from the Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Combat Controllers all universally advocate in-depth planning, creating options for mission success, violent execution, and fully debriefing a completed mission to look for success. Spec Ops mission planning and mission execution is based in the UNDERSTAND, PLAN, EXECUTE, and IMPROVE framework.. The central driver for success in SPEC OPS and business is the Operator / employee. In business, employees create products, satisfy customer needs, meet financial obligations, and make the critical decisions to guide the company to success. Therefore, finding and keeping the finest employees is the most important decision for a company.

This book will allow you to understand, translate, and apply unique and critical military and SPEC OPS skills sets in decision-making skills, maintaining a strong leadership ethic, excelling in execution, and employee coaching and development skills that can make you a vital element in the success of any business venture. Additionally, SPEC OPS training focuses on preparing and excelling when the unexpected happens. You will learn how to create integrated operations plans with multiple contingencies to ensure that critical strategies succeed, how to create and develop personnel to succeed in their careers, and how to coordinate the placement and use of critical resources to ensure that a plan has the best chance of success.

Structure of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader (Click to view full-size)


SECTION 1: Understand

  • CHAPTER 1 Veterans Building Businesses, Employees, and Themselves for Commercial Success
  • CHAPTER 2 Military Ethics and Values Form the Foundation for Business Success
  • CHAPTER 3 Maintain a Personal Improvement Plan
  • CHAPTER 4 Build Networks of Experts
  • CHAPTER 5 Overcome Common Mistakes Veterans Make in the Workplace


  • CHAPTER 6 Create a Periodic Corporate Intelligence Report
  • CHAPTER 7 Understand Your Company’s Mission Statement
  • CHAPTER 8 Use the War Game Process
  • CHAPTER 9 Use the Military Synchronization Matrix
  • CHAPTER 10 Employ Risk Mitigation

SECTION 3: Execute

  • CHAPTER 11 Employ Standard Operating Procedures
  • CHAPTER 12 Back-Up Plans to Ensure Success
  • CHAPTER 13 Create and Lead Powerful Teams
  • CHAPTER 14 Use Military Crisis-Management Techniques
  • CHAPTER 15 Prepare an Exit Strategy

SECTION 4: Improve

  • CHAPTER 16 Use the Military After-Action Review
  • CHAPTER 17 Employ Counseling Sessions
  • CHAPTER 18 Position Yourself for Promotion
  • CHAPTER 19 Use Mentoring for Career Improvement
  • CHAPTER 20 Adapt Military Tools to Commercial Business Applications

SECTION 5: Summary

  • CHAPTER 21 Summary: The 20 Lessons That Bring the Greatest Value to Your Company and Career

Battlefield to Business Success:
Applying Military Leadership and Skills in Your Career

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Battlefield to Business Success is dedicated to help individuals understand, apply, and adapt military skills and military Special Operations Techniques for use in their civilian career success.

Military skills are especially helpful for business professionals to understand, plan, execute, and improve business plans and operations. “Battlefield to Business Success” provides a wealth of immediate examples how business professionals can have a more effective business and career success when they apply cutting edge military techniques.


PREFACE How to Leverage and Apply Battlefield Skills for Success in Business and Your Career

PART I Understand the Value of Military Leadership and Skill Sets to Business Success

  • CHAPTER 1 90% Agree that Translated Military Skills Are Vital for Business Success
  • CHAPTER 2 Inspirational Military-to-CEO Career Transition Success Stories for Veterans
  • CHAPTER 3 Military Skill Sets Lead to Organizational Success

PART II Plan to Employ the Full Value of Military Leadership and Skills to Business and Career Success

  • CHAPTER 4 20 Career Transition Planning Tips for Veterans
  • CHAPTER 5 The Ten Step Networking Plan to Advance Your Career
  • CHAPTER 6 Moving from “Can I?” to “I Can!” to Create a Positive Mind Set and Attitude for Career Transition
  • CHAPTER 7 Creating Career Options for Military-to-Civilian Transition Planning

PART III Execute, Translate, and Apply Military Leadership and Skill Sets in Business

  • CHAPTER 8 ACTion! – Maximizing the Full Value Military Veterans Bring to an Organization
  • CHAPTER 9 Military Leaders and Business Leaders Must Be Great Teachers
  • CHAPTER 10 Manage Uncertainty with Commander’s Intent
  • CHAPTER 11 Another Celebrated Veteran Skill Set for Business – The Checklist
  • CHAPTER 12 How Walt Disney World Created an Operations Center to Improve Their Theme Park Command and Control
  • CHAPTER 13 Applying Commander’s Intent to Business to Create Flexible and Agile Organizations
  • CHAPTER 14 Create Back Up Options for Business and Career Planning to Overcome Obstacles
  • CHAPTER 15 Applying Military Intelligence to Business Intelligence
  • CHAPTER 16 Using Military Rehearsal Concepts to Make Businesses and Employees Better

PART IV Improving Individuals and Organizations with Military Leadership and Skill Sets

  • CHAPTER 17 Eight Military Veteran Career Development Tips
  • CHAPTER 18 Improve Organizational Performance During Times of Uncertainty and Risk Using Military Techniques

APPENDIX The Military to Civilian Career Transition Planning Checklist